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Got some cute things at Target today! :) I was so surprised to snag one of these washi tapes… sadly one of the tapes has the days of the week written on it, but they missed Sunday.



The Valley of the Temples Bon Dance


I was so bummed about the plant sale today, but I ended up getting a lot of babies! :) I can’t wait to propagate them for the craft fair!


My mom wanted to go to The Valley of The Temples! She heard there was a bon dance! But we came too early… it was nice to visit the grandparents and to see the peaceful scenery.

We decided to hang around a few hours to go to the bon dance! We had our favorite eclairs from Deluxe Pastry Shop! And stopped by Target! :) We got three Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures!

The bon dance was fun! And the food was pretty cheap and yummy!


new baby


We went to Target today! :) We got some goodies!

On a whim we decided to take the kitten in. He was really dehydrated, and couldn’t really protect itself, since his eyes were in really bad condition. We were all worried he would die. We gave him a nice green tea bag eye treatment, and we gave him a much needed flea and tick bath! :) He was super hungry and quite weak!


The Valley of The Temples


Today we visited the grandparents for an early father’s day! :) It really is so pretty and peaceful at The Valley of The Temples!




There is so much Koi fish, black swans, and turtles! It is so serene and beautiful. I hope I can visit here again. It’s very relaxing.

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My dad had a good father’s day I hope! Tomorrow will be busy. I hope he isn’t too sad we don’t get to celebrate the day of.

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Last picture before we leave.

After that we went to Target, I think we got the whole set now! :) We finished off with a amazing seafood hot pot dinner, what my dad requested! :) It was so good, too good.


Ka Makana Ali’i

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We started the day early~ We visited Grandpa, checked out the Kawai Nui Marsh, and went to Target! We got the best goodies today!

Later in the night we checked out the carnival at the new mall – Ka Makana Ali’i! It was small but a good concept and very fun! The moon looked super creepy but cool!