Matcha Stand Maiko

Today I got to hang out with my sister! :) We started off eatting breakfast at Foodland! We had onigiri and croquettes! We spent about 2 hours writing letters to our sister in the Mainland! It was nice and relaxing! After that I brainstormed on my succulent tips for my Mint Clover blog!

After that we waited for Forever 21 to open in Waikiki! There really wasn’t anything we liked, but funny enough we both grabbed the same kimono in different colors! We ended up getting it, with a few socks!

We ate lunch at Marukame Udon! We both got the zaru udon – cold udon, since it was burning hot, with different sides! After that we cooled off even more with matcha floats from Matcha Stand Maiko! It was so refreshing and the best kind of bitter, the perfect sweet treat!

I can’t wait to eat next time! :)


Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Random pictures I’ve accumulated! Clover looking so sweet! I really miss this relaxed Clover, he and Basil is in heat. It’s been crazy here! Three adorable socks! And $1.99 stamps, good deals! :)

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I got Story of Seasons Trio of Towns for me and my sister, for her birthday coming up! It is really fun, I am surprised that I picked it up and that I like it! I wasn’t too sure if I would like this game, it’s been along while since I’ve played a Story of Seasons game (my last one was A Tale of Two Towns). This really brought my spark back!


all my goodies

We got to go all of our favorite spots today! :) I got origami, cute post-its and the cutest fabric. I need to stop buying fabric, but I can’t even help it! I wonder what I’ll make with them?!


Taste Tea & Target!

We got to go to the Taste Tea near our house! :) I got the wrong tea that I normal like! But this honey black tea was just as good! I can’t wait to go back! :p

We got to go to Target! They had a lot of things this time I can’t wait to use them! I love this mint color, I hope they have more items in December!




My mom wanted to go to Fabric Mart and Ben Franklin! :) I didn’t turn it down! I got this super adorable fabric that reminds me of eggs, I cannot wait to use this during Easter for our craft fair!

There was a cute today note pad with the times listed! I also got this mini broom just incase plants fall at the craft fair! :)


– planner –
Happy Halloween theme!


Fun Filled Sister day!

Today I got to hang out with my sister! :) We started the day at Starbucks, we had our favorite Tomato and Mozzarella sandwich. We talked for a long while and then headed down to Ward when they opened at 10am! We checked the puppies first at the pet store, they had the cutest chubbiest puppy! After that we checked Eden in Love for planners, they didn’t have them in!

Then we went to Hakubundo and I picked up this washi tape set for $15, pretty good deal since the washi tape dispenser was $14 and m.t tape is about $3-$4 dollars each, so it was like I got 4 washi tape for free!

After that we walked to the mall! We quickly went to pick up the thing we originally went out for – Style Savvy Fashion Forward! I am still in awe that this game is finally here!! I am enjoying it so far!

We checked out Norstrom and they actually had the planner! I got the ‘one day at a time’ theme on their smallest sized planner. I also found this super cute (and tumblr aesthetics) ‘peachy’ hat at Brandy Melville, I’ve been looking for a cap and it’s been right under my nose!

I spotted this Kusama Yayoi sculpture in one of the fountains, pretty surprised that it was in the mall! I saw one of her pumpkin sculptures on instagram in Japan, it’s nice that we got to see it in the mall! I really like Yayoi’s work!

Then we had a super sweet lunch! I got the Nordstrom’s Ebar Acai bowl! It was so so so good, mostly because the acai was super cold and didn’t melt at all, it was also sweet and not tart, the fruits and granola was yummy and the honey was a perfect topping!

Then we hit TJ Maxx and I got this hola top! It’s so 90’s looking, I got lucky and it was in my size. I also found some comfortable jogger like pants!


$2 dress!

We went all over today! First we stopped by Waikele. We went to Old Navy, and yet again I found a super cheap dress, this one was $2! I’ve been eyeing this pattern – I can’t believe I found it for so cheap and it fit like a glove (a bit too tight, but I’ll live with it)!

After that we went to Office Depot and I also got this washi tape on sale for $2! I wanted this design since it came out! I also treated my mom to a washi tape~