dress & dogs

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I finally finished this baby! I’ve been wanting a slip dress for so long now. I can’t wait to wear! I kinda want to make more too, I’m hitting myself for not making a pattern.

My cuties.



Onestyle Dramas

I wanted to see if the beauty web korean drama “Sweet 20s”, that I watched a while back ever made a new drama! And luckily Onestyle on YouTube did make a few other short dramas! I watched a few while I was sewing today!

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Sweet 20s |★★★★★
Beauty tutorials meets Korean Dramas!


We Broke Up ★★☆☆☆
Woori and Won Young broke up and they are forced to live together. Woori and Won Young go through their lives, trying to ignore each other. How will they survive being together?


Beautiology 101 |★★★☆☆
Bongju Lee gets enrolled into a very famous beauty school, Beautiology, without any experience with beauty.

I finished sewing my mom’s happi coat (a loose informal Japanese coat) for her birthday!! :) I hope she likes it~ My dad always has the best ideas!



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I sewed an massive amount of donuts! I really like how the beads turned out! I can’t wait to sew them on the cats! While sewing I watched the last few episodes of Remember! I am so happy that I am finally done with this drama, it really took me along time!

Remember-Poster2Remember | ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5)

Jin-Woo has the condition of Hyperthymesia which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Jin-Woo becomes a lawyer.

What I thought:
This drama was really good at the beginning, but I really didn’t like the middle part, it was slow and I felt like it wasn’t necessary and dragged a lot. This drama could have been 16 episodes!

I really liked all the characters, I will probably follow some of this actors and actresses~ They are very good and made the show flawless!


Cat’s and Donuts!

Today was a major sewing and crafting day with my sister! :) I learned how to make my buttonholes, thanks to my sister, apparently it wasn’t simple enough for me to understand! :p After learning how to finally make a buttonhole I quickly sew a few cats (of course Clover begged me to have one)!

And made them cute donuts to hold! The donuts took longer and was more tiring! But it looks so cute when the hold it!

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Fear the Walking Dead

I finally started sewing Ms. K’s tsum tsum pouches and bags! :) I really like the outcome and I hope she does too! I finished everything, but my dad made a good suggestion, hopefully I can fix it and make it look good! :)


Fear the Walking Dead is back on! :) We just watched the first two episodes! It is really so good! I missed seeing young Johnny Depp! :p


Apron Bag

I finally got around to making my sister’s apron that she wanted since her bags came in! I am so happy that I got around to making it. I am so amazed that this is only two bags worth of material and that it is made out of a bag!