christmas service


Advent calendar day 23: Rilakkuma cellphone strap + cellphone screen cleaner! I seriously love this little guy~


We went to the Christmas service today! It was quite good! And it really lifted all our hearts during the holiday stress! It was a much needed pick me up!

Clover was so pooped out!



hamburger steak~

Advent calendar day 21: Cutie Rilakkuma stationery set! I can’t wait to use this~ I love this theme, and I oddly don’t own anything from this set!


Rainbows for dinner! I love Rainbows, it is a place I grew up eating at, for those special occasions! Cheap local food, it’s the best! I always get the hamburger steak plate, it comes with three hamburger patties drizzled with gravy, with rice and mac salad!



Advent calendar day 14: Cutie Rilakkuma magnet bookmarks! :) I gave Kiiroitori to my mom and Rilakkuma to my sister! I decided to keep Korilakkuma! <3


I watched Ant-Man while I sewed! I can’t really give a legitimate  review, but I can say the graphics were super bomb! And most of the movie I was laughing! :)


best bbq

Advent calendar day 7: I was just talking to my sister about this new Rilakkuma theme! I almost wanted to by some of the notebooks and other stationery goods! She must have been holding her breath! :) I love this more because it is sticky notes! :) I can’t wait to use it!

Today we had a BBQ! Oh was the food good? Maybe I was really hungry, but seriously everything my dad made was so good! We had teriyaki chicken, hot dogs and beef! And for the veggies we had salt+pepper onions and portabello mushrooms! The mushrooms and chicken was the best!

My mom also frosted her gingerbread men! :) It was so, so, so good!


oggie boggie

Advent calendar day 6: Oogie Boogie! My sister tried to get me Baymax, we had a little giggle~

Most of the day we cleaned, and also took the dogs for a walk! My mom also did the christmas card and started to make gingerbread cookies!


My dad didn’t really want to cook so we had Korean food at Ohana Inn! It is our favorite place to get mandoo (a dumpling very similar to Japanese Gyoza or Chinese crispy gau gee | a pork and veggie mixture wrapped into a wonton wrapper)!

My sister went out for a Christmas party with her friends! One of her friends was so sweet to get me a present and a favor! :) I can’t wait to open it, I am so curious in what he got me!

My sister was so bummed that I got Oogie Boogie in the advent calendar, she got me a Rilakkuma to make up for it! I was surprised that these envelopes were so cheap!

Clover is ready to sleep! :)

my bed

IMG_20151018_101410 IMG_20151018_101428 IMG_20151018_101715

Clover sneakily went on my bed, he looked so cute, and my camera was being good and made the pictures magically perfect. It made my bed looked like a dream!


– planner –
:c Oscar Valentino jumped out of his tank on monday, he was looking fine throughout the week. He went belly up on Thursday night, and finally died in the morning on Friday. Since we couldn’t give it a proper flushing (since he was about 5+ inches), my dad literally threw him out (in the trash)!

(Despite the jokes) We were all really shaken up about the oscar jumping out of his tank, we were all worried that he wouldn’t live. Mostly I’m bummed out that we haven’t even had him for a year. Hopefully we can try again next time!

Anyway back to the planner, I am trying to do a halloween theme this month. This week I used the Sentimental Circus stickers, that has been sitting in my sticker box for awhile now!!




Late last night we went to Taj! :) I got a Rilakkuma memo pad, I couldn’t resist it! I love this stitched fluffy theme, I seriously need to stop buying these note books!


20151013_113734 IMG_20151013_115453 IMG_20151013_120342

For Brunch we went to Makino Chaya’s! Mmmm, was it good?! There was so much food, it was very fun and delicious… maybe even glorious! heh. :p The soft serve was so good the flavor was watermelon~

IMG_20151013_222659 IMG_20151013_225022

Later in the day we went to Kahala to meet up with our other relatives! I got my sister this cute quick good luck planter, I couldn’t not get this for her Christmas gift, but she knows, and she’s going to use it! But its so her!

I also got some washi tape stickers from Sanrio! I am so inlove! :) I can’t wait to use them on a special day! :)