I only, got the things I needed! :p

I splurged on makeup, it’s been a long while since I got makeup! I really like this one, it’s simple and easy to use! I can’t wait for it to die (to use it up)!


I think I got my planner/journal situation figured out for next year! :) Doing the same bullet journal next year and for my bible journal I might be using this Stalogy journal! :) Sadly no Mintgreen Planner this year!

Curry fries and yummy honeycomb soft serve ice cream! Probably not the best combo, because it quickly made my tummy turn, but so worth it! :)



WEEKLY VIEW | WEEK 53 // Merry Christmas!!

I think this was the smallest Christmas this year! But that’s good, I want to learn to be a minimalist~ I got all the things that I absolutely wanted! First Aid Ultra Repair Cream, Origami, Pokemon Sun and Skullcandy wireless earphones, sketchbook set (forgot to take a picture of), red liquid lipstick and  the cutest Little Twin Star’s tumbler!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, warm holiday season with their loved ones! Merry Christmas, I am looking forward to 2017!

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– planner –

My favorite christmas stickers from Target last year got put to good use! :)


Goodbye November

Yes! Finished my daruma and $10 Fukubukuro! Now I only have the bunnies left! I like the little instructional drawing I made for the packaging, I hope I can do this more often!

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– monthly view –
Bunny theme, since its my dad’s birthday month and he likes Thumper and he’s the year of the rabbit!