Hungry Hearts Diner

“Hungry Hearts Diner is a game about a small shop at the edge of a
big city. Take on the role of the hard-working old lady struggling to
manage her family’s little restaurant—and all by her lonesome, too!”

Super adorable game! It’s a basic touch game, the storyline is great, the foods are cute! Unlocking items is fun!

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Fortune City

“Track your spending, grow a city! Fortune City gamifies bookkeeping with a city simulation game. Record your expenses, and flourish your city into a beautiful metropolis. Pick up good expense tracking habits with new finance experience, and grow your fortune into a prosperous city!”

My sister found a super cool money tracking game! It’s super cute way to track what you spend and keep within a budget. I love it because you get to merge like shops together, you can see it grow slowly!

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Doctor Crush | Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Doctor Crush | ★★★★☆
A rough upbringing taught Hye Jung to hold her own in a fight — but what she really strives for is a better life as a doctor who helps people. (Dramafever)

What I thought:
I truly loved this cast! Everyone did amazing acting and it all felt real. I think there was a few obstacles that made this drama a little hard to watch. The hardest one was how annoying Jin Seo Woo dad, Jin Myung Hoon was – He really is a grown baby, tantrums and all. I liked how different this drama was, it was refreshing to see such a strong female lead, but also quite cringeworthy to see the first male lead “so in love!” I also loved that the second female lead wasn’t so jealous or angry! Overall the drama is a relatively easygoing and enjoyable!

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My sister went to pick up the new Yokai game! I couldn’t wait any longer for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game, so I gave in and got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I never played Sapphire or Ruby before. I am itching to play Pokemon Sun or Moon and this is really holding it off!


Pokemon Go

We went driving around to collect more Poke balls, but I actually found some new Pokemon! I can’t believe I found a Charmander, I got all the starters except for Charmander. I am still so confused on how people are getting super high CP Pokemons, but I guess it would really matter to me since I more focused on collecting new Pokemons – I am not ready for the Gyms!!


The Little Prince


The Little Prince | ★★★★★
A little girl lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to prepare her for it. Her neighbor, the Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince. (IMDb)

What I liked:
I loved this animated film, it was wonderful. The graphics were amazing, I loved that when the Aviator told his story about the Little Prince the graphics would change into a paper like artstyle (similar to James and The Peach), while the real world was perfect graphics (like what you see today, Disney and Pixar style). I liked the storyline, it was hard to understand but very solid. I was also surprised on how A-list the actors where pretty cool. I love how relaxed it felt, and the music, too good. I cannot believe this movie didn’t make it to the big screen!

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We went for a light night run to Target! I am so amazed they still had dollar stuff there! The pink note pad is from the dollar section and the sticky thought bubbles where $3 from the school supply section! It was fun to go on this late outing, I was just really tired!

On the brighter note we got to catch Pokemon driving to and from Target! :) I got some pretty good stuff, low leveled but pretty good. I don’t see myself battling just yet, I have more fun trying to get new pokemon and evolving them!



Cara Cara Oranges!

We went to Costco’s and they were sampling these Cara Cara Navel Oranges, omg it was the best orange that I ever ate, so juicy and sweet! We needed to buy some, I can’t wait to eat it all! :p

Clover and Basil wasn’t feeling their best today! :c I hope it’s just a small bug! They are resting it up and drinking lots of water!!


Finally got Sailor Venus in the new event in Sailor Moon Drops! :) It was such a struggle, but it was worth it!