Waikiki Days


Me and S went back to Waikiki! :) I got a cute summer dress! I was shocked it wasn’t in the plus size and it actually fits, it’s a medium too, I shouldn’t be so stubborn and look at all the sizes! After that we went to 88 Tees, since it’s been featured on Terrace House and we are obsessed!


After shopping we quickly got our favorite sweet treat! :) Nana’s Green Tea! We got something new, and I am in love! We got this time the Matcha Tube Cake and Warabi-Mochi! It was, uh, I wish I could have this every single day!

After our sweet treat we walked down to Ala Moana! And checked out Zara! We both got this simple dress! It was pretty reasonable priced too!



Matcha Stand Maiko

Today I got to hang out with my sister! :) We started off eatting breakfast at Foodland! We had onigiri and croquettes! We spent about 2 hours writing letters to our sister in the Mainland! It was nice and relaxing! After that I brainstormed on my succulent tips for my Mint Clover blog!

After that we waited for Forever 21 to open in Waikiki! There really wasn’t anything we liked, but funny enough we both grabbed the same kimono in different colors! We ended up getting it, with a few socks!

We ate lunch at Marukame Udon! We both got the zaru udon – cold udon, since it was burning hot, with different sides! After that we cooled off even more with matcha floats from Matcha Stand Maiko! It was so refreshing and the best kind of bitter, the perfect sweet treat!

I can’t wait to eat next time! :)


Fire Emblem Fates

Yesterday we watched Burnt during dinner! :) It was very fun!



Adam Jones is a chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. He cleans up and returns to London, determined to redeem himself by spearheading a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars. (IMDb)

What I thought:
I just like chef/cooking movies! It’s inspiring and the food looks so heavenly! I loved all the cast and I loved the idea/storyline of this movie!

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I was so excited to go to the mall today! For the new Fire Emblem Fates game! :) I couldn’t wait to play it this whole week! I didn’t think it would come so soon! I luckily got two pre order bonuses~ I get to use a set without worrying about it! :p

As soon as I got home I played Birthrights! I love it, super love it. The graphics are so good, and the storyline is amazing!

I also got two new outfits from Forever21! :) A casual gray tank top with two slits on the side and also a black dress with a cape attached to it, for more dressier events! I cannot wait till we get to wear them when March ends~


out with a~

Today I got to hang out with A! :) It’s been a few weeks or so since we hung out! We went all over the creations, :p Ward Warehouse, Ward Center, Ala’s and to A’s house!

IMG_20150222_154516 copy IMG_20150301_214318

– outgoing –
「the one on the left」
:) Calligraphy/doily envelope with the ‘always love more’ post card! :) This letter had 3 notes and some stickers! :) I love the color scheme, next time I show more of the design before I write names and personal things! :)

– incoming –
「the one on the right」
My friend gave this cute sheep and puppy envelope! :) I love it so much~ she even decorated the envelope with cute puppy stickers!

IMG_20150301_120140 IMG_20150301_123322

We ate at Sumo’s Ramen & Curry, we split a mochiko chicken curry combo – she got the curry and I got the ramen and gyoza! It was absolutely perfect amount of food, they are both mini orders~

Soon after that we wanted to try Waiola’s shave ice, shared the custard shave ice, and we had green tea flavor instead of haupia (coconut flavor)! It was amazing! If you are going traveling or taking a vacation in Oahu, please by all means, come to Waiola before any other shave ice place, it is the best, softest shave ice with a reasonable price!


The only thing I got today was these sunnies from Forever 21! Kinda bummed out but at least I have enough money for the next time we meet up! :p

IMG_20150301_212922 IMG_20150302_143647

After that I bickered with my sister because I’m always cranky (as she says) these days… but I had some cold sweet tea and the manju’s I bought for me my, mom and S! -_- I need to try and not be cranky and grumpy. Why is it so hard for me! :\

I finally opened my friends hand me down bag, I know she was going to give me some vest and jackets from her grandma, for the fabric (its kimono-ish fabric), and extra fabric from her sisters wedding dress, but I was shocked to see mini envelopes, make up and a few other things! :) I loved it all! I can’t wait to make creations with them!! :)


random loot

IMG_20140711_125137 IMG_20140711_153801

We went all over today! Pearl Ridge, Sam’s Club my dad needed to go to Home Depot and Lowes, and Don Q! I guess for last min Mom’s birthday present shopping and for groceries!

I got this cute sock for Forever 21 and these cool bento separators!


We took the dogs for a walk, as always Clover is pooped and basil still has much energy, she’s looking out side and barking at random things, probably geckos and neighbors :p


hanging out

IMG_20140706_203215 IMG_20140706_203136

Before me and A hung out My dad took around to waste some time! :) We got to go Marukai! :) I got my favorite green tea Pocky~

A and I quickly started shopping~ Went to Nijiya market, I got my favorite mochi chocolate! And we also got to hit Nature Republic! I got some super sweet eyeliner, that was originally $16.99 I got it on sale for $6.99! Super awesome!

IMG_20140706_202647 IMG_20140706_202904 IMG_20140706_202950

We also hit Forever21! I got this cute flower bra! :) At Disney store I got these super super cute plushies! Lady and Thumpers girl friend! :c The dogs wanted them!!! :o

After the shopping we rested and talked at Brug while drinking coffee! :) It was fun~

IMG_20140706_144835 IMG_20140706_145001 IMG_20140706_202325

Finally we went to Don Q~ I found these Macaron Rusks. I thought it would be good, but it wasn’t… My logic, its cheap and the box was cute! :p


After Don Q we headed to Ashley’s house we watched The Lego Movie and we both showered each other with hand-me-downs~ Just some of my favorites that I got, I got a lot, lot more! :)



I had to show my teacher my sketches again. This time I drew 3 just in case and put down the colors and fabric… and 3 was the same design that she ok’ed yesterday, but she said no its too similar to my first project. ARG. I seriously am starting to hate this teacher and its sad because she’s a good teacher. I just feel like she’s pushing me away and pushing me to drop. I really want to graduate and everything but she’s making it impossible for me.

1391853706782 1391853734354

Went to Target and got this super cutie cup! :) I woof you!

1391853786340 1391853819812

I got to go shopping with my sister today~ I got this cute sleep set ‘Coffee is my lover’! I’m gonna wear the top out but defiantly not the bottoms! :p


And this Hello Kitty eyeliner that was on sale for $5! wow!