obon dance


Today I hung out with my friends from high school! :) We just had a chill hangout/potluck~ I got a cute omiyage from Vegas! It was a short get together since I had church right after.

After church we went to our first Obon Dance of the year! It was nice and fun~ It was a beautiful day! :)

20170624_184732 copy


The Valley of The Temples


Today we visited the grandparents for an early father’s day! :) It really is so pretty and peaceful at The Valley of The Temples!




There is so much Koi fish, black swans, and turtles! It is so serene and beautiful. I hope I can visit here again. It’s very relaxing.

IMG_20170617_161204_257 copy

My dad had a good father’s day I hope! Tomorrow will be busy. I hope he isn’t too sad we don’t get to celebrate the day of.

20170617_133854 copy

Last picture before we leave.

After that we went to Target, I think we got the whole set now! :) We finished off with a amazing seafood hot pot dinner, what my dad requested! :) It was so good, too good.


pizza and mochi!

My sister’s client brought home yummy raindrop mochi! :) I love this sweet treat from Japan! I made pizza for dinner! It came out so good, I am in love!

Really, seriously so sorry that I am super delayed on my blogs. I need to start writing at least weekly! Need to work on fitting all my hobbies in the day! :)


Waikiki Days


Me and S went back to Waikiki! :) I got a cute summer dress! I was shocked it wasn’t in the plus size and it actually fits, it’s a medium too, I shouldn’t be so stubborn and look at all the sizes! After that we went to 88 Tees, since it’s been featured on Terrace House and we are obsessed!


After shopping we quickly got our favorite sweet treat! :) Nana’s Green Tea! We got something new, and I am in love! We got this time the Matcha Tube Cake and Warabi-Mochi! It was, uh, I wish I could have this every single day!

After our sweet treat we walked down to Ala Moana! And checked out Zara! We both got this simple dress! It was pretty reasonable priced too!