pizza and mochi!

My sister’s client brought home yummy raindrop mochi! :) I love this sweet treat from Japan! I made pizza for dinner! It came out so good, I am in love!

Really, seriously so sorry that I am super delayed on my blogs. I need to start writing at least weekly! Need to work on fitting all my hobbies in the day! :)


Waikiki Days


Me and S went back to Waikiki! :) I got a cute summer dress! I was shocked it wasn’t in the plus size and it actually fits, it’s a medium too, I shouldn’t be so stubborn and look at all the sizes! After that we went to 88 Tees, since it’s been featured on Terrace House and we are obsessed!


After shopping we quickly got our favorite sweet treat! :) Nana’s Green Tea! We got something new, and I am in love! We got this time the Matcha Tube Cake and Warabi-Mochi! It was, uh, I wish I could have this every single day!

After our sweet treat we walked down to Ala Moana! And checked out Zara! We both got this simple dress! It was pretty reasonable priced too!


Donut King


We went to Donut King again! :) I got the same thing, cinnamon glazed donut! I over ate on sweets, it was our cheat day, so I overdid it. I felt so sick after. It was worth it though, me and my sister only gets one cheat a week! :)


Mother’s day part 2

20170513_142025.jpgToday we celebrated Mother’s Day! :) We went to Agu Ramen on our side of the island! it was really… not what I expected. It is a pricey place for Ramen, but I expected… at least, better noodles, better cuts of pork. The flavor was weird, almost trying too hard, sweet and salty was fighting way to hard in my bowl of ramen.

Honestly, not the best ramen, but atmosphere is great as well as trying something new was fun!

But more so, I am really glad mother’s liked her gift! :)
A decorative box for her table, and a Starbucks card!


Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Me and my sister made our mom a Korean dinner for an early Mother’s day celebration! :) which was worthless since our mom doesn’t like Korean style food at all (It was more for us)! But we made it special and used a nice table cloth and used our pretty dishes!

We also ate this glorious Chinese wedding cake! My mom has been looking for this sweet for a long time, and my sister and dad found it randomly while grocery shopping! They also bought these yummy Japanese mayonnaise and cheese Pringles! It was strange but… addicting. It was weird to find out that Japanese Pringle chips are so different from the American style.


After dinner Basil snuggled with me! <3


Matcha Stand Maiko

Today I got to hang out with my sister! :) We started off eatting breakfast at Foodland! We had onigiri and croquettes! We spent about 2 hours writing letters to our sister in the Mainland! It was nice and relaxing! After that I brainstormed on my succulent tips for my Mint Clover blog!

After that we waited for Forever 21 to open in Waikiki! There really wasn’t anything we liked, but funny enough we both grabbed the same kimono in different colors! We ended up getting it, with a few socks!

We ate lunch at Marukame Udon! We both got the zaru udon – cold udon, since it was burning hot, with different sides! After that we cooled off even more with matcha floats from Matcha Stand Maiko! It was so refreshing and the best kind of bitter, the perfect sweet treat!

I can’t wait to eat next time! :)