Today I had a quick meet up with A and SY~ we planned for V’s baby shower! It was so quick we ended up going for a bite to eat at Applebee’s no one’s never been so it was super fun and new! The service is really great there and the food was yummy.  I got the chicken tenders~ It was a perfect portion!



I only, got the things I needed! :p

I splurged on makeup, it’s been a long while since I got makeup! I really like this one, it’s simple and easy to use! I can’t wait for it to die (to use it up)!


I think I got my planner/journal situation figured out for next year! :) Doing the same bullet journal next year and for my bible journal I might be using this Stalogy journal! :) Sadly no Mintgreen Planner this year!

Curry fries and yummy honeycomb soft serve ice cream! Probably not the best combo, because it quickly made my tummy turn, but so worth it! :)


Almond Floats

Today I got to hang out with A! We went to the craft fair at the mall, to check out and scout if it seemed good to show case at! We ate at Starbucks~ The funny thing was we both gave each other sweets when we met up! I gave her donut holes from donut king and she gave me homemade almond floats!


It was really yummy~