Royal Designer Walk

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Today I showcased some of my designs at the Royal Designer Walk! It was seriously an amazing event! My classmate (when I just started fashion, he was a senior) produced and worked on this show, it was so perfect, everything about it!

IMG_20151110_181737 IMG_20151110_183316

I loved these blocks it made look like an art show. My designs are the one from school during line class (the beige and navy garments), I loved how they mixed and matched my jackets with different dresses, it was nice to see them look different!

20151110_183624 20151110_183631

I also loved the balloons! The balloons were so big and aesthetically pleasing!


Photo by S

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Photo by R


Photo by Royal Hawaiian Center | Instagram: royalhwnctr


Photo by C | using R’s camera

The best thing was that I got to do this show with my classmates, it made it less nerve racking! I hope to do many more shows like this one, it was definitely inspiring!



Fanatics | A Sporty Look


Fanatics – New Era Boston Red Sox fitted Hat $32.95 | ➁ Victoria’s Secret – Mesh Rascerback Sport Bra $39.50 | ➂ DKNY – Tumble Leather Backpack £270.00 | ➃ Forever 21 – Peep Toe Buckled Platforms $32.90 | ➄ Mango – Double Layer Vest Top £19.99 | ➅ Topshop – Windowpane Peg Trousers $26.99

I created a sporty chic look by using this, New Era Boston Red Sox hat, found in the Red Sox apparel page, to match this all black and white look! I paired a nice flowy crop top with some high wasted trousers for comfort; the gridded pattern gives it a modern yet tough feel! I went with a platform clog-looking heel and a pure white backpack to throw in all your goodies! And who would pass on a sports bra?! :p

I went with more of a modern and street vibe and I feel like my ensemble looks clean and comfy but also give a tough look to it!

Fanatics has an amazing website! They have hundreds and hundreds of merchandise and apparel – from college sports to the pros, and in any sport you can think of! I think Fanatics can give you that sporty oomph that you’ve been looking for, whether it be a hat or a jersey!!

Find your favorite team, ‘and show your pride!’


All opinions and commentary on this post are solely mine.

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After Meals on Wheels we went to get some stuff from the supply house! :) My sister got me this super cool tea tree bath set! She knows that I have a sensitive/itchy skin and scalp! I hope this helps a lot!

We went to Walmart, they had such cute holiday sales! I got this super cute reusable cup made by Aladdin! It came with 5 cups, 3 white and 2 brown, for only $5!

pul-full-circle-080 pul-full-circle-085

My clothes was at the Fashion Event, Full Circle! A show made with all the HCC alumni, Andy south, Kini  Zamora, and Manuhelii! I wish I could have gone or helped, but I heard that seats were ridiculous!

more pictures at:



I finally figured out what I want to do for my Pepsi redesign… Although I’m very, very indecisive, so I don’t know how long this idea will last! But so far I like the idea I came up with!


Warby Parker Beacon Collection


The Beacon Collection is an smart, whimsical and adventurous line, made for anyone and everyone! The Beacon Collection is inspired by, impromptu, “when having no plans brings endless possibilities!”

IMG_2124-2 IMG_2191-2

What I love most about this line is that most of the frames are suited for both genders! When I go frame shopping I always get a little self conscious, I will admit, I have a wider, circular face shape then most women! I usually check the women’s frames first and see if any of them fit me comfortably, they usually don’t, so I head on to the men’s frames. I love looking at their trapezoidal frames, or geeky/vintage frames because I feel as if they fit my face shape the best!


When I saw the show room I was squealing my heart off! I love every single frame men and women! I love that this collection takes classic frames making them both look casual and chic!  You can go anywhere and be stylish! These frames are good for both, daily use and big events!


Garrett frames are suited for both men and women. They come in both eyeglasses and sunglasses! I love the uniqueness to these frames, I don’t recall ever seeing anything like it! I love the masculinity and how stylish these frames are! I love how the Blue Slate Fade has an ombre/gradient affect, which are really in at the moment!

Garrett – Eyeglasses
Garrett – Sunglasses


McKee frames are suited for mostly women. And they only come in eyeglasses! These glasses are to die for. I need this dusty rose, moonstone color glasses. I love these cheeky frames! I can see any age in this frame, it is definitely timeless!

Mckee – Eyeglasses


Ingram is both suited for men and women. And these only come in sunglasses! I enjoy the classic feel to these! I love how the revolver black is so solid! I enjoy this shape, I usually buy this type of frame for eyeglasses and sunglasses! These Ingram frames are very cool and classy!

Ingram – Sunglasses


Nancy is mostly suited for women! These only come in sunglasses. I really like this oversized round shaped glasses! It has a very chic look! These frames screams “lets go on vacation!” I love both colors, but for the summer, Lemon looks more festive! I could see so much prints and colors matching with the Lemon Nancy’s! These both could go classy and casual fast!

Nancy – Sunglasses

 IMG_3546-5 IMG_3547-3

Overall I love these frames! I always have a hard time finding something that is stylish, used for everyday life and for classy events! All of these frames has a different identity, feeling or persona! Which makes me feel like I can do anything, almost, limitless! These glasses are powerful, pack with style!

Each frame and lens are crafted with the best. They take much integrity making durable and life long glasses! They are also very lenient and extremely encourages you to try it on before you buy! You could try this whole collection out on the Home Try-On option! I when I was researching these glasses I was playing wight the Virtual Try-On, It was very good detects your face and can even put a frame on you if your picture is a bit tilted!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.08.48 AM

IMG_2885-6 IMG_3077-3

Every pair in any collection, sold, Warby Parker, “distribute’s a pair to someone in need through our non-profit partners.” This a great way to to help! :)

Please, please check out the frames, I do hope, I at lease inspired you to look in to it!

For more information:
Warby Parker | Beacon Collection

Thank you for letting me have this amazing opportunity!


picked up my garments!

Today I picked up my knit wear garments!

I knew I was going to get a zero for my rugby shirt, since it was like a month late! :c And I also got back my final project, that was also really bad, I think a D? I rushed it though, because it was due the day after my show! :s


:) I got to hang out with a few of my classmates~ We designed our poster for graduation! :) It came out so, super cute! :)


:) I love this movie! Super funny and cool! :D



Yesterday, I had to take photos of my portfolio for my buyers presentation! :o It was so last minute that I felt super stressed, and I didn’t even get to prepare for it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.12.38 PM copy

I really enjoyed my title and my inspiration page! :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.15.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.15.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.16.52 PM

Callista, Sheena, and Sabrina!
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.16.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.15.30 PM

Salem and Sheville!

I hope the buyers liked my portfolio!

I did soooo bad on the buyers critique, so embarrassing! :s But some how I got an A! :p