Gina’s For Mother’s Day

2017-05-14 04.49.26 1.jpg

We celebrated mother’s day, on mother’s day with Gmons. We ate at Gina’s! It’s been so long since we last had Gina’s. So good. I got a meat jun plate with two mac salads, bean sprouts and daikon! So good, I had to stop myself from eating it all.



Mother’s day part 2

20170513_142025.jpgToday we celebrated Mother’s Day! :) We went to Agu Ramen on our side of the island! it was really… not what I expected. It is a pricey place for Ramen, but I expected… at least, better noodles, better cuts of pork. The flavor was weird, almost trying too hard, sweet and salty was fighting way to hard in my bowl of ramen.

Honestly, not the best ramen, but atmosphere is great as well as trying something new was fun!

But more so, I am really glad mother’s liked her gift! :)
A decorative box for her table, and a Starbucks card!


Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Me and my sister made our mom a Korean dinner for an early Mother’s day celebration! :) which was worthless since our mom doesn’t like Korean style food at all (It was more for us)! But we made it special and used a nice table cloth and used our pretty dishes!

We also ate this glorious Chinese wedding cake! My mom has been looking for this sweet for a long time, and my sister and dad found it randomly while grocery shopping! They also bought these yummy Japanese mayonnaise and cheese Pringles! It was strange but… addicting. It was weird to find out that Japanese Pringle chips are so different from the American style.


After dinner Basil snuggled with me! <3


New Mall, New Pokemon

We visited the new mall that recently opened up on our side! It was pretty cool, only Macy’s is open at the moment, but the mall is a lot bigger then what I thought it was going to be! I can’t wait, the closest mall to us is a bit far away! After driving there we went to the beach for a bit and looked for Pokemon! :) I got some new stuff – nothing too crazy, a Tentacruel and Fearow!


Lunch Date!

2016-04-07 11.54.04 1.jpgMy sister went out today, and I let my parents go out on a date :p !! I stayed home with the dogs~ But at least my mom and dad got to go out for a yummy lunch!

They surprised me with Silicon Molds, and eye pin screws! I am actually really happy with these surprises! I cannot wait to use them. My sister wanted to glaze her clay figures with resin and its actually really great because I have been itching to craft with resin for so long now! can’t wait!


Easter Sunday

2016-03-27 06.04.02 1.jpg

Today we celebrated ourĀ annualĀ Easter Sunday at my aunt and uncle’s house! We always do different things, this years Easter egg hunt for the kids were candies with papers to redeem art supplies, and a lucky big egg to decorate!

Everyone got an egg to decorate~ My mom got Tsum Tsum, my sister got spring, I got sheep and my dad got flower (but he didn’t want to draw it, so I did)!

We also watched Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2!maxresdefault.jpg

But we had to hide eggs in the middle of the movie, so I can’t do a proper review, I might even have to watch part 1 because I forgot a whole lot!