Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Me and my sister made our mom a Korean dinner for an early Mother’s day celebration! :) which was worthless since our mom doesn’t like Korean style food at all (It was more for us)! But we made it special and used a nice table cloth and used our pretty dishes!

We also ate this glorious Chinese wedding cake! My mom has been looking for this sweet for a long time, and my sister and dad found it randomly while grocery shopping! They also bought these yummy Japanese mayonnaise and cheese Pringles! It was strange but… addicting. It was weird to find out that Japanese Pringle chips are so different from the American style.


After dinner Basil snuggled with me! <3


Park Day!

The dogs got to go to the park today! They were so happy, I hope we can do this more often! Clover has gotten so old, he can be leashless! He just follows and doesn’t even run away from us! :p

They had a nice run in the sun! :)




Girlboss | ★★★★☆
Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. (IMDb)

What I thought:
I think this series is pretty relatable for some young adults. Not only is this series inspiring, and a good tool for learning – but I love that there is drama and lot of story to it! Very funny, risque!

Basil and Clover sleep so differently.


Chief Kim | Serger


Chief Kim | ★★★★☆
Kim Sung-Ryong used to manage money for gangs, but by an accidental opportunity, he begins to works as the chief of an accounting department for TQ Company. He struggles to save the decaying TC Company, fighting against corruption and irrationality in the company. (AsianWiki)

What I thought:
I loved this cast, loved the character development. I really like the bromance. Lol, yes out of everything bromance was the best ship! :)

Coco and Bae just resting the days away.

I got my Serger in the mail today! :) I can’t even. So happy with this purchase, I broke the bank though. I also got deco cream~