park day

Took the dogs to the park! Hopefully they will be tuckered out! :p



The Guardian Brothers


The Guardian Brothers | ★★★★☆
When a Chinese family’s soup shop is targeted for sabotage by a competitor, two guardians from the spirit world leave retirement to protect them. (Netflix)

What I thought:
The graphics were really good. The storyline was great!




Gifted | ★★★★★
Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.

What I liked:
It was great, drama, slight comedy.

 We took the dogs to the park, for the first time in awhile, maybe even the first time this year? They had lots of fun. Clover, is really getting older. He had a fun time resting in the grass! :)



Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Me and my sister made our mom a Korean dinner for an early Mother’s day celebration! :) which was worthless since our mom doesn’t like Korean style food at all (It was more for us)! But we made it special and used a nice table cloth and used our pretty dishes!

We also ate this glorious Chinese wedding cake! My mom has been looking for this sweet for a long time, and my sister and dad found it randomly while grocery shopping! They also bought these yummy Japanese mayonnaise and cheese Pringles! It was strange but… addicting. It was weird to find out that Japanese Pringle chips are so different from the American style.


After dinner Basil snuggled with me! <3