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Did a little Watercoloring! This time I tried to draw and then paint~ I feel like it came out ok~ I also made some blanks & doily ones, so I’ll be able to do some calligraphy on those!



Predestination is about, Barkeep (Ethan Hawke), a time-traveling Temporal Agent about to do his final assignment. His mission is to capture (or kill) a criminal, the Fizzle Bomber, that has ran away through time. Will he be able to catch this Fizzle Bomber or will he fail his mission.

What I liked:
I liked the fact that it was fun to guess who the fizzle bomber was… and other secrets with in the movie. The acting was phenomenal, It was a brilliant acting.

What I didn’t like:
It was a little hard to understand because of time travel and the story line was a little different. But overall it tied up in the end, and I wasn’t left confused – more I was left a little disturbed because of the storyline, I found my self continually questioning myself – why this & how would that be… It wasn’t realistic enough for me.

I gave this movie 2 points because it made me feel uncomfortable and disturbed. It wasn’t a highly sexual movie, rated G, and no nudity or anything like that… It was just plain disturbing.





I wanted to send R a cute late valentines day/thank you card~ I love how this one came out, I even wrote her name in calligraphy for the envelope! I hope she likes it! :)


– common place journal –
All the entries I had to catch up with! I learned my lesson, I will never let it go this far! :s It was quite stressful to remember everything, and back track!


We watched The Oscars this year! Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, it’s always fun to watch him! I love to see award shows to see those pretty ball gowns, this year I loved Jennifer Lopez~


– planner –
Year of the sheep edition! :) I tried to make it sheep themed, I think it came out ok :) Loving my new washi tapes!


more more watercolor!


More watercoloring! I found a cute idea from pinterest! Painting over a doily! It came out looking so adorable! I love doilies! I also tired experimenting with different colors, more greens, oranges,yellows, and a pale rose color!


And I’m getting more confident in my calligraphy! :)


– common place journal –
Starting to get lazy to do this journaling, but I can’t, I won’t give up! :)


watercolor x calligraphy


Did more watercolor! This time I tried different techniques, sea salt and plastic wrap! My sister did some calligraphy on the first two, and I tried and did the calligraphy on the rest!! It’s fun to write in calligraphy! :p


Then I tried to experiment with drawing and coloring it in! I think it came out pretty well! I’m going to use this for letters~ :)




Decided to take the watercolors out for a spin! :) It’s a little harder then I thought it would have been… I couldn’t get the colors right and the it, just overall was a little hard to get used to! My sister wrote the calligraphy on this one!


Adventure Bar Story started out as an app, but today the released it on the Nintendo eShop! They updated the look of the characters and the game play overall is much smoother! :) If you don’t want to spend $5.99 on the 3DS version, try a the free – trial version on the android or apple, its not updated with the new character design but you will get the gist of it!!

Apple iTunes: full version
Android: LTE version | full version
3DS: full version

[Remember – the Apple and Android app isn’t updated with the new character design, but its a cheaper alternative and still very much fun!]