Pokemon Magikarp Jump


Pokemon Magikarp Jump! It is a silly game but it has a lot of good ideas mushed into one game! I really, so far like this Magikarp Jump game! It is relaxing and easy to play! The graphics are really cute and great!

You can feed Magikarp, train him, and even hang out with a lot of familiar faces. You can upgrade his food and training along the way. Each Pokemon that hangs out around your tank will do a special task, Pikachu gives you extra exp and Piplup restores your training!

There is so much types of berries and training that you can unlock. And to progress the story all you need to do is battle to see which Magikarp jumps the highest!

After your Magikarp max levels up or loses a match, he will retire, you will still be able to see him swim around the tank! But more importantly you get to catch a new Magikarp! The best part of the game is catching the Magikarp and seeing what type of pattern you will get!

And what is Pokemon without clearing out your DEX! You can collect and complete your Hall of Fame, Patterns and Magikarps, and events! I think this is the best aspect of this game!


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Donut King


We went to Donut King again! :) I got the same thing, cinnamon glazed donut! I over ate on sweets, it was our cheat day, so I overdid it. I felt so sick after. It was worth it though, me and my sister only gets one cheat a week! :)


Terrace House: Aloha State


Started watching this Netflix Original! Terrace House: Aloha State! It is seriously good and addicting! :) I am so happy that this is filmed in Oahu. It is so cool to see the places they go to~ I really love this cast of people! So far my favorite is Yusuke, Naomi, Avian, Yuya, Eric and then Lauren.

I love it. So much. I’ll probably finish the series really fast. Hopefully part three comes out before then.


My sister got me my Yeti cup! And refused to let me pay her back! :c I love it! Ice really lasts so long! I can’t wait to bring it to the craft fair!


Mother’s day part 2

20170513_142025.jpgToday we celebrated Mother’s Day! :) We went to Agu Ramen on our side of the island! it was really… not what I expected. It is a pricey place for Ramen, but I expected… at least, better noodles, better cuts of pork. The flavor was weird, almost trying too hard, sweet and salty was fighting way to hard in my bowl of ramen.

Honestly, not the best ramen, but atmosphere is great as well as trying something new was fun!

But more so, I am really glad mother’s liked her gift! :)
A decorative box for her table, and a Starbucks card!


Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Me and my sister made our mom a Korean dinner for an early Mother’s day celebration! :) which was worthless since our mom doesn’t like Korean style food at all (It was more for us)! But we made it special and used a nice table cloth and used our pretty dishes!

We also ate this glorious Chinese wedding cake! My mom has been looking for this sweet for a long time, and my sister and dad found it randomly while grocery shopping! They also bought these yummy Japanese mayonnaise and cheese Pringles! It was strange but… addicting. It was weird to find out that Japanese Pringle chips are so different from the American style.


After dinner Basil snuggled with me! <3