healthy cat



Baby cat (marmalade, drift, pumpkin, or peanut) looks so much better, happy and active! He is on wet food, he can poop and pee and his eyes are much better! :) Hopefully it’s for the better that we took him in, hopefully it helps the cat problem in our neighborhood (or i’d like to say, one less poop to pick up in our yard)! Now we just have to find him a forever home!


new baby


We went to Target today! :) We got some goodies!

On a whim we decided to take the kitten in. He was really dehydrated, and couldn’t really protect itself, since his eyes were in really bad condition. We were all worried he would die. We gave him a nice green tea bag eye treatment, and we gave him a much needed flea and tick bath! :) He was super hungry and quite weak!