♡ Emilee, Emi, Em

♡ August 27 (Virgo/Sheep)

♡ Okinawan/Japanese

♡ Fashion Major

♡ The love for my dogs, well the love for Clover

♡ Relaxing, being lazy, and resting is my kind of day.

♡ korean drama is the best thing!~



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Rose says:

    Aloha — I really like your blog about going horseback riding at Koko Crater Stables. Your pictures are fantastic!!

    I’m trying to help the stables make a presentation to the community about their services and overall help them improve the business, more aloha, responsiveness to customers, etc. Would you mind if I include some of your pictures?

    BTW – I’m just a regular riding student and member at the stables.

    Thanks so much


    • emilee gibo says:

      If you could reply back with what pictures that your interested in I can email you the photos in a larger file.

      I may feel a bit uncomfortable with pictures that include my face or my families faces, but the pictures of our backs or side profiles are ok.

      I would be more than happy to help you improve your business with the help of these photos! Thank you for asking for permission before using these pictures it means a lot to me!

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