Goodbye 2017

 2017 Recap
Happy New Year!! The best things that happened in 2017!


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Mint Clover Blog launches!
I can’t believe I finally figured out how to work the html’s on wordpress! :) It took me so long! But it looks perfect and it’s complete!

Mochi SoupFukubukuro Surprise Lunch with VSANew Glasses


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Cards
It’s really official now! Got my cards, got my blog! :) I can’t wait to see my little shop grow and grow! <3

Waikiki New TheaterKing Ranch



Beauty and the Beast
Super great movie, possibly one of my favorites this year!

Story of SeasonsThe Balm MakeupWatercoloring 



I finally got my own serger, best thing I purchase this year! I honestly thought I’d never get one, and I did! Power of saving up, I wonder what will my next huge purchase will be for next year!?

New DressDonut KingGirlboss


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Yeti Cup
I still love this cup so much, I wanted it so bad.

AguGina’sMatcha Stand Maiko 


20170617_131230 copy

Valley of The Temples
So so so pretty here. I just want to live in such a peaceful place. Seriously feels like theres a bubble protecting the area.

Bon DanceCurry Cheese FriesRain Drop Mochi



Little Kitten
We saved a little kitten that was starving and dehydrated! We tried super hard to find her a home… She ended up staying with us! We named her, Olive – Olive Oswardo Ollie Olivia as we like to call her! :p

Mother’s BdayDinner at Liliha



Valley of The Temples Bon Dance
So pretty~ Probably my favorite bon dance! But the line for food was crazy, note to self, first thing to do: wait in line for food!

Fight My Way My Bday Hanging Out With S! 



Baby Shower
It’s is just the most exciting thing when a friend has their first baby! :) We threw her a very small and simple baby shower, harry potter themed! It really came out perfect! Lot’s of work, but it was worth it!

B. PatisserieApplebee’s w/ A & S


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Mint Clover’s First Birthday
We turned 1! We had a lot of great sales! It was a great milestone! I can’t wait to celebrate my second birthday!

Waikiki w/ SNeet



Sunflower Fields
It was my first time going, it was magical! Sunflowers are my favorite! Downfall, super muddy! Don’t wear your favorite shoes or pants!

Via GelatoAnimal Crossing Pocket Camp



Treating S, Treating myself!
I finally got to treat my sister to lunch! Please S, let me treat you more often when I can!  ;) It felt nice!

Unicorn GelatoMerry Christmas Happy New Year!


until next year


mochi mochi mochi!

Mochi Pounding today! It was at a new location~

It was beyond pretty here! Love mochi!

After mochi pounding we watched Logan!


Logan | ★★★★☆
“In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X, somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world, and his legacy, are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.” (IMDb)

What I thought:
How the heck did they make Hugh Jackman so weak and so strong!? Amazing action and acting!


Merry Christmas!

My sister showered me again! All I asked for was $50 Nintendo Eshop gift cards so I can play Style Savvy Styling Star! Five extras! :D A nighty, a stationery book, cross stitch book, a Nook, and a Kate Spade card holder! I can’t believe how much she got me!

My friend S gave me really cute fabric! :) I love love love them!


wonder woman

Merry Christmas Eve~

Today we spent the night at my mom and dad’s friends house~ The traditional Christmas Eve party! This time we watched Wonder Woman, I am actually super glad I didn’t have to watch this movie twice! :)

Wonder Woman | ★★★★☆
“When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.” (IMDb)

What I thought:
This movie is solid. Very good, storyline, action, acting! I just… can’t… stand!!! Chris Pine! (Que laughing emoji) Sorry for all the Chris Pine fans! If it makes you feel better, I liked him at the end, before it’s too late!


The Greatest Showman

Today, I treated myself! :) I watched The Greatest Showman by myself~ It wa so nice and relaxing! I really enjoy watching movies alone!


The Greatest Showman | ★★★★☆
“Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.” (IMDb)

What I thought:
At first, I was really disappointed. I don’t know why, but it gave me the same after taste as it did when I watched La La Land. But thinking about it, it was a good story, it’s a relatable and realistic story.  Above all, if not the storyline the actors where phenomenal. The fact that Zendaya learned and did all her trapeze ticks was amazing. The acting, the singing, the ticks it won’t disappoint! :)


After, I treated my sister to lunch, which never ends up happening! :) She always treats me out, and never lets me pay! :s It was nice paying~ I hope I can do this more often! :) We had Curry House!


November/December CRAFT FAIR UPDATE


I had to remake all the darumas. I had a feeling they weren’t strong enough, scraping all the darumas I made hurt real bad, but feels so good to know how much stronger they are!


I probably did the biggest restrock of my life. Possibly 100 felt charms had to be made. It was really stressful.

new item was these cute owls and Christmas sets!~ I’m glad I got to make the owls this month! :) And I can’t wait to think of new ideas for next Christmas!

My first craft fair of the month was at Hale Hau’oli Day Care, it was great to try out something new, I hope to go again when they have it next year around the same time! :) My pineapples really killed it there, I needed to restock fully on it. I even got to get a cute charm from oahu_charms! She makes the most cutest and amazing polymer clay charms!

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Last craft fair of the month, I am stumped. Tired, and I have a lot, A LOT of work to do.