August/September Craft Fair Update


I just love seeing the charms so set up in perfect lines, ready to bake! I can’t wait to pack them up~

The charms went through a huge overhaul! We keep upgrading and making the charms better and better! :) So far we swapped out the eye pins in to screw eye pins, we no longer need to superglue them, since they are much more strong – and they will no longer leave a foggy/frozen look to them! we also changed the jump rings into split rings and lastly we now coat them with uv resin!

I made new astrology pot planters! They are so dreamy and cute! And I thought the pineapples needed a pink new friend! :)


I also made these sushi charms, like I did during last month commissions! :) I made tamago, ebi and tuna nigiri sushi all paired with edamame or green wasabi (whip cream charms)! I hope these become a hit! :)

Since I had time to spare I tried out some patterns of things for next month! I made a scared ghost, moon charm and a pumpkin, also a cutie cat donut! I can’t wait to figure out all the patterns for the cat donut charms! Very Halloween themed~ I also went cat plush crazy. Next month will be a lot of fun!~

 September 13th, I got my second online order! :) Packing is really the most fun~

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset



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