July/August Craft Fair Update


I made a new charm, taiyakis (Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans. Other common fillings may be custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato. Wikipedia) and restocked my favorite pineapple charm! We decided to bring out bigger succulent pots!

July 27th I got my first online order! It was thrilling! It isn’t something I do normally!

I also did a tutorial on how to trim away fuzz from your felt charms! I really want to do more tutorials on up keeping charms and plants! Here’s a clear and easy link to the video and all of the instructions – instagram.com/bymintclover

Also the snail mails got new look! Loving these teal bags!


I also made new onigiri (rice ball) charms! I love that they all have different faces, and cute ebi fries (shrimp tempura) next to them! I hope these do well!

This month we also updated and restocked the flat charms! I love this set! We are also selling a little dragon fruit, he’s so cute~ and some toiletry bags!

This month was the month for commissions! :) It was fun to try and make new creations on the spot, I usually plan a month ahead, making and testing new patterns! :) It was fun to make things I never thought of doing or making!I think most of these charms will be featured at my next craft fair!

20793379_10155601442408377_2097189569_n copy 2.jpg

And of course how can I forget! My favorite supply shopping trip, new baby succulents! :) I can’t wait for these guys to thrive~

Lastly, on August 20th was craft fair day!



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