Clover Boy

I haven’t been posting much of Clover lately. He has been really sleepy lately. I really want to take him to the park, or for a long walk!



The Best Hit

The Best Hit | ★★★★★
“A free-spirited famous idol, a struggling singer, and their crew of “twenty-something-year-olds.” When they meet, it will be an orchestra of disaster.” (DramaFever)

What I thought:
This drama, and the storyline is pretty much gold. I haven’t seen a well written drama in a long time. I loved the flow and the humor. This is a great cast, every single character will touch your heart! The Best Hit, will hit you hard, because it was nothing I expected.


mother’s birthday!

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Me and my sister prepared a four course meal! Pasta, bruschetta, salad and panna cotta! She seemed pretty impressed, but the pasta didn’t turn out right.

The next day we celebrated with Gmons.


We had Panda’s it was great!



healthy cat



Baby cat (marmalade, drift, pumpkin, or peanut) looks so much better, happy and active! He is on wet food, he can poop and pee and his eyes are much better! :) Hopefully it’s for the better that we took him in, hopefully it helps the cat problem in our neighborhood (or i’d like to say, one less poop to pick up in our yard)! Now we just have to find him a forever home!