Craft Fair update!

2017-05-29 12.25.05 1.jpg

Cleaned terracotta pots! Ready for white paint!

Made some whip cream charms with MiniatureSweetsHK whip cream! I really like them! I can’t to make more!

I played with some sign ideas! I’m not sure if they hit it off?!


I also finished restocking these cutie bunny charms!



downward dog

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Yep, we got our weekly dose of Donut King! This time I just got a glazed donut, we all shared a croissant donut! It was amazeballs!


I watched Downward Dog while I sewed, and omg. It is seriously my story! 100% love this series! It’s perfect, if you are a dog lover, or own a furry friend, it’s a must watch!



Terrace House: Aloha State Fin~!


Just finished Terrace House: Aloha State! I really love this series, I wish they had more season, I wish they would make more! Please Netflix, this really is the best! My favorites, Yuya, Guy, Yusuke, Avian, Naomi, Eric, Anna, Taishi, and then Lauren. I cannot wait for season 3!!!!

Coco was photogenic today! :)


Waikiki Days


Me and S went back to Waikiki! :) I got a cute summer dress! I was shocked it wasn’t in the plus size and it actually fits, it’s a medium too, I shouldn’t be so stubborn and look at all the sizes! After that we went to 88 Tees, since it’s been featured on Terrace House and we are obsessed!


After shopping we quickly got our favorite sweet treat! :) Nana’s Green Tea! We got something new, and I am in love! We got this time the Matcha Tube Cake and Warabi-Mochi! It was, uh, I wish I could have this every single day!

After our sweet treat we walked down to Ala Moana! And checked out Zara! We both got this simple dress! It was pretty reasonable priced too!


Pokemon Magikarp Jump


Pokemon Magikarp Jump! It is a silly game but it has a lot of good ideas mushed into one game! I really, so far like this Magikarp Jump game! It is relaxing and easy to play! The graphics are really cute and great!

You can feed Magikarp, train him, and even hang out with a lot of familiar faces. You can upgrade his food and training along the way. Each Pokemon that hangs out around your tank will do a special task, Pikachu gives you extra exp and Piplup restores your training!

There is so much types of berries and training that you can unlock. And to progress the story all you need to do is battle to see which Magikarp jumps the highest!

After your Magikarp max levels up or loses a match, he will retire, you will still be able to see him swim around the tank! But more importantly you get to catch a new Magikarp! The best part of the game is catching the Magikarp and seeing what type of pattern you will get!

And what is Pokemon without clearing out your DEX! You can collect and complete your Hall of Fame, Patterns and Magikarps, and events! I think this is the best aspect of this game!


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Donut King


We went to Donut King again! :) I got the same thing, cinnamon glazed donut! I over ate on sweets, it was our cheat day, so I overdid it. I felt so sick after. It was worth it though, me and my sister only gets one cheat a week! :)