Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo!

2016-10-18 04.04.14 1.jpg

Pokemon Sun and Moon demo came out today! It’s pretty exciting to see how much it relates to Hawaii! I didn’t think the people around Alola would talk about things that are really from Hawaii – like Malasadas, a fried pastry, that a specialty to us! The island is indeed called Alola, which is very similar to “Aloha” which means hello, goodbye and love – and Alola even means the same thing in the game! People even have some slang, like ‘howzit’! I was in awe, they really put a lot of effort and I am happy to see the place where I live is being showcased in such a beautiful way!

I cannot wait to see more of this game!



2 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo!

  1. YvoCaro says:

    I hadn’t realized that you are from Hawaii, Emi! I can indeed see why this is so much fun to see in the game, that they really did their best in localizing!
    Of course, my demo is ready and waiting too!

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