Out with S

Today I got to hang out with my sister! We needed to get G’mon a birthday present we found a microwaveable rice cooker, I hope she likes it! I also had to find R a gift too, I really want to show it here, but I better not. I want to keep it! :p

After all that I picked up a few things at Walmart, for the Craft Fair. Walmart didn’t have the things that we needed like a flat bed sheet to use as a tablecloth, but they did have the jump rings that I extremely needed!

2016-10-09 09.07.08 1.jpg

After that we went back the the mall and got to relax for a bit! We checked out Barnes and Noble, and my sister got herself a Funko Barbie blind box and she got me this small Armored Baymax, why is it so cute?!




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