Doctor Crush | Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Doctor Crush | ★★★★☆
A rough upbringing taught Hye Jung to hold her own in a fight — but what she really strives for is a better life as a doctor who helps people. (Dramafever)

What I thought:
I truly loved this cast! Everyone did amazing acting and it all felt real. I think there was a few obstacles that made this drama a little hard to watch. The hardest one was how annoying Jin Seo Woo dad, Jin Myung Hoon was – He really is a grown baby, tantrums and all. I liked how different this drama was, it was refreshing to see such a strong female lead, but also quite cringeworthy to see the first male lead “so in love!” I also loved that the second female lead wasn’t so jealous or angry! Overall the drama is a relatively easygoing and enjoyable!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

My sister went to pick up the new Yokai game! I couldn’t wait any longer for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game, so I gave in and got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I never played Sapphire or Ruby before. I am itching to play Pokemon Sun or Moon and this is really holding it off!



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