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I was so excited to see this Adventure Labyrinth Story on the eShop, I really loved the first game Adventure Bar Story, it was refreshing to see the all the characters! This time you are playing as Lidia, searching and exploring caves, you bring back ingredients for Katrina to cook food for the restaurant! I’m not quite sure what kind of storyline this game has, but am glad everyone is the same and the graphics are still so adorable but clearer and cleaner!


Kingdom’s Item Shop is just so adorable, you get to choose between playing as a boy or a girl! And as the title suggests, you run an item shop – and your goal is to be the most famous item shop in your land. You fight off monsters to get various items! What makes this game pretty cool is there is many different crafters in the town, a chef, blacksmith, fashion designer and probably many more! As you use the services you gain friend points with the crafters you will unlock more hints to recipes!



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