We found Kittens!

We found four kittens in our yard! I wanted to keep them all but my dad saw the mom cat while he was working in the yard! So I just sat and watched them and melted. They were a little aggressive, I didn’t really want to aggravate them or make them scared! It was so sad because the darkest cat was the biggest and he got his head stuck between the concrete stones, my dad quickly pulled the stones out, it was screaming like crazy! I was so worried for him because he’s eyes are infected, I used all my courage to not take him in.

The cat’s are a problem in my neighborhood, but so adorable. I always get torn between taking them in and cleaning them up making them tame, and finding them proper homes with loving human parents. So it could help the cat problem… but I can’t, won’t take away kittens away from their mother, it’s heartbreaking – almost monstrous. I just wish the neighbors that took care of the cat, the ones that feed them and give them water, would spay and neuter them. But that’s just me being too real.

Hopefully the mother picks them up and finds them a new home! I will only take them in if they get abandoned, like little cat!



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