Beautiful Gong Shim | The Girl Who Sees Smells

Beautiful-Gong-Shim-posterBeautiful Gong Shim |★★
Gong Shim was born as a 2nd daughter to a family that always prioritizes their 1st daughter Gong Mi, due to her being a successful and beautiful lawyer. As a result, Gong Shim grows into a prickly and skeptical woman with inferiority complex. One day she meets Dan Tae, a quirky public defender with mysterious past. Dan Tae rents a rooftop apartment which formerly belonged to Gong Shim. (DramaWiki)

What I thought:
This drama is seriously hilarious, there won’t be a moment without any laughing, even the most dramatic parts. I loved the whole cast (except for the sister, Gong Mi and the mom for that matter)! It wasn’t predictable at all! It was easy watching and there was hardly any dramatic parts!


I’m starting The Girl Who Sees Smells! It is a mystery drama. So far it’s really good I can’t stop watching it, because it always ends on a cliff hanger!



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