Pokémon and Disney

Pokémon Go recently came out a few days ago. I have been having so much fun catching these super adorable Pokémon in sort of real life. My favorite Pokémon I caught so far is my starter Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Eevee! I really haven’t battled any gyms yet, because I am a little scared to do it and I know I am not strong enough!


I am also enjoying Disney Emoji Blitz. You can collect emoji’s in your phone when you collect the characters! It’s pretty cool but unfortunately doesn’t work for Android. I am pretty sure it works well with the iPhones! I’ll just wait till they fix this bug and hopefully I can start using these cuties!


I’ve also taken a break from Fire Emblem, I finished Conquest a few weeks ago and it was crazy hard! :c I want to take a break before I play the last installment, Fire Emblem Revelations!


I really want to play the new Story of Seasons Trio of Towns but it’s going to be awhile till it comes out in America! So I decided to replay Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns! I never got to finish this game so I figure it’s a good time to go back to it since I’m just waiting for Style Savvy to come out! :)



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