Helping S

My sister needed help moving to the salon today. It wasn’t so bad, it was just really hot today and I still felt sick from yesterday. But otherwise we got a lot done, we set up her station and her locker up pretty fast.

Mid way we took a break and ate breakfast at Brug. I got the cutest matcha melon pan! :) It was very bitter but very good! We walked around the mall for a bit and then went shopping at Zara, we both got this “this is me” top, I was so surprised it fit me because the sizes runs small, but this top was only in small or med… and I am usually a large!

Then we walked to back and stopped by Ward to get lunch at Korean BBQ Express! My mom got lucky and hand lunch with us too.

My sister cut my hair too! I got a shorter hair cut, I really really like it! And it feels so good since it’s so hot these days. And she even let me trim her hair, it was fun, but i just cut the smallest snippet of hair!



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