I haven’t done snail mail in so long! I need to remember to take pictures of the letters I get too!  Just a simple blue themed note, I have so much stationery I don’t even know what to do with it at this point!

I got to hang out with A today, it has been like a month or so since the last time we hung out so I wrote a short letter of the highlights of things I wanted to talk to her about before I forgot. She gave me this super adorable reusable bag with the cutest pouch. The bag pattern was just as cute. It was nice, we just sat and chatted for a few mins and then quickly started to shop.

I finally got a backpack, I am officially done with the wants in my life! :) I got a Hershel brand backpack. I originally wanted a women’s backpack but when we got there the women’s bags were so small and more expensive than it was online. I decided on this men’s one which was much cheaper than it was online.

We ate lunch at Curry House since everywhere was so crowed!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

– planner –
My mom got the cutest house washi tape. I am so jealous but happy she shared some with me! I am trying a new color scheme, just pink and purple. It looks pretty good!



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