Beautiful Gong Shim

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Header Update

Pretty little Liars season 7 came out on Tuesday, I finally got to watch it! So far, kind of good. I like it but it’s dragging a little – hopefully it will be better then the second half of last season!

We quickly went to the obon dance! :) I love bon dance season~ to start the season on we went to wahiawa hongwanji! I was pretty bummed because they usually have the best chicken bbq sticks but they didn’t have them this year. Instead I got a saimen and split a cone sushi with my sister! We also had yummy andagi!


After that I quickly started to sew! I watched an episode of Beautiful Gong Shim, it is really hilarious so far! I am so impressed with Nam Gung Min’s acting, I thought he could only act good as a psycho person, but man is he killing it with his character in this romantic comedy!! I really like this drama so far!

Some of my favorite scenes with this silly wig!
This drama is really killing me, it’s too good and too funny!



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