Descendents of the Sun


Descendents of the Sun | 
It’s love at first sight for special forces Captain Yoo Shi Jin when he meets a beautiful doctor  who treats his wounds. Over before it can truly begin, the two separate due to their opposite values — one being a soldier who takes lives, and the other a doctor who fights to save them. Almost a year later, a fateful reunion takes place in Uruk, causing them to work together. Can Shi Jin and Mo Yeon overcome their biggest hurdle, or was it never meant to be? (DramaFever)

What I liked:
I loved it all! Descendents of the Sun is considered to be categorized as a melodrama, or dramatic – but there is more scenes with humor, then times I was crying or getting annoyed with all the drama. I loved the bromance, of course. I loved all the actors, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won is always amazing to watch – the acting in general was all on point! But moreover, I really loved the film! This drama I consider it to be upto movie standards, the transition scenes were so clean and perfect.

Just watch it, you will fall in love with everything including the music – mostly because of the music!



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