My dad got to shoot gun today! :) We didn’t have much planned for father’s day so it was great he got to go out and have fun! My sister and I got to go shopping for a bit! I was supposed to find a birthday gift for a friend, but I ended up buying some of the things what I really needed and want for a while now! :)

I got some really awesome Nike Flex 2016 shoes! I wanted to start wearing sneakers while I go out because my feet has been killing me, especially because when I go out, I usually walk so much, too much because I don’t drive! A big slurge for me, but a good one! I wanted Nike shoes for the past year or so.

I also got headphones I didn’t know if it would cost a lot so I kept putting it aside, but these are Sharper Image headphone this is wireless! W I R E L E S S !!! What is this sorcery, have I not been following technology this long? I never knew they could do this wireless stuff!!

Dad got to open his presents today! :) He was pretty satisfied with his gifts. He is really the hardest to shop for, but this year we got him Primo (Hawaii beer brand) merch, a hat and a tshirt! He was pretty surprised about it.

Now just last on my list, a backpack!



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