Love Live!

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My bugel beads came in today! :) I am so happy that they are cute and pastel! I can’t wait to sew these guys on my donuts! :) I also got my eye pin screws! I must have a crafting day soon and use all these new materials! And I can’t wait for my other things to come in as well! Online shopping is like birthday presents! :)


We finished watching Love Live! School Idol Project season 1! We decided to watch it since my sister and I have been obsessed with the game! It really is a pretty good anime with a nice easy storyline. There is no romance in this drama, or much drama for that matter, the main focus is becoming an idol! :)

Before watching the anime my sister and I decided that I was very much like Maki and she was similar to Umi! And our predictions were right! Maki has the same attitude as I do and Umi is very smart and has a few similarities to my sister!

I can’t wait to watch the next season! :) And to see more of the outfits, songs and dances!

The Love Live! School Idol Festival game is really fun! It is a rhythm game that has a slight storyline! You get to collect characters in their various outfits! :) There is also events twice a month which makes the game fun and current!





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