CPK’s New Menu

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Today I got to hang out with A! :) It’s has really been so long! :o We met up at Starbucks! We talked and catched up for a short while! :) She gave me this cute cute little “drink me” tea from the event she had! It was Alice in Wonderland themed, this was the cutest idea! And I am lucky enough to get an extra, I can’t wait to taste it, I sneaked a smell, it smells so nice and flowery!

It was her first time driving with me, it really was exciting! We drove over to Clay Cafe!


I did another cat/face pot for plants! It was really fun to go to Clay Cafe again! She also had lots of fun, she made a rice bowl with a very cute design – it reminds me of those cute rice bowls at a Japanese shop! I can’t wait to get my pot, I hope it came out ok!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetAfter that we went around at Ala Moana, just to our usuals I wanted to look for my radio that I’ve been eyeing out from Nordstrom, and a backpack from Zara, but I had no luck in getting either of them!

We decided to eat at CPK since we both had gift cards, I finally got to use my older one, and I ended up treating her! :) It was nice! We both got one of their new menu dishes! I got the baked potato soup and she got the farmer’s market soup, we also split a shaved mushroom and spinach flatbread! It was good!

Her mom saved the Minamoto Kitchoan stamp cards, and told A to treat me to some sweets and to get herself something too! :) I got my favorite usagi bean cake, it has yuzu citrus peels in it! :) So so so good! :)

After that I finally got to meet Bear and Tiger, her sister, M’s doggies! :) Bear is a German Shepherd, Doberman Mixed dog – He really is the sweetest ♡!! And Tiger is a beautiful Husky! She is between gray and white and has the nicest magical eyes ever, one is brown and the other is light blue! Seeing Bear and Tiger made me want a bigger dog, I seriously want a Samoyed dog! :) So cute and fluffy!  I even got to see M’s new house she lives higher up near the mountain, She has the best best best view of Diamond Head! I am so upset that I didn’t take pictures of the view or of Bear and Tiger!!!



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