Dog Walking Etiquette


I could literally stay here all day saying why dogs should be on leashes at all times, but I will try my best to keep it short.

A lot of dog owners in my neighborhood lets their dogs roam freely while using the restroom, some owners don’t even stay outside to watch (meaning some owners don’t even pick up after their dogs)! I always think wow that is ideal, how great to feel lazy. A good week I run into one or two dogs unleashed; A bad week It could be every day of the week, up to two different dogs in one day. Before I changed my route, I would get followed a smaller playful dog he would follow me to the end of the block! It was shocking to have to walk that dog to their owners! They didn’t even say thanks, or even knew that it wasn’t acceptable. After it happened ten times, I gave up walking that dog back to the house. And it never changed until I changed my route.

I just, feel like it ruins my walk, it is extremely annoying to have to pick up my dogs, carry them and cut their walk short. Clover was from the Humane Society, he is a bit aggressive. So like I always say in my mind, just because you have a well behaved, non aggressive dog, doesn’t (extremely doesn’t) mean other dogs are not aggressive! Or even worse who’s to know kind of rubbish or mess he/she can get into!!

Untitled 2

I never had much problems with walking Clover, he was already trained when we got him and it was seriously a breeze. He may have did a couple of naughty things in the past, but he is pretty much a perfect walker!

When we got Basil, we had such a hard time… she was mostly a indoor dog, we rarely walked her – and when we started to walk her it was probably a year or two after we got her. Basil struggles so badly with walking, a true horror story.

After learning a few tips and tricks she has gotten extremely better these past years!  Some things Basil does during walks, barks at other dogs, pulls leash, and over all she acts crazy.

Things we have tried:
➀Retaining leash: This didn’t work, she would still pull even if she had a few feet of leash! I think she wouldn’t even care if it was shorter!
➁Weight training (1 pound weights on the side of her torsos): She was really good with this one, it was amazing, but I noticed within two days that it was overworking her. I decided to take it off because I didn’t want her to be in pain!
➂Click training: It worked in the beginning very well, but I don’t walk her everyday (my dad or sister walks her), so training her with click training was too hard to be consistent. While training myself to click train Basil, I was finding myself click training everyone else!
➃Spray bottle: This has been the best, just a simple squirt of water when she barks at other dogs in the neighborhood or if she yanks the leash.

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pick up after
It’s easy, just pick up after your dogs, it’s your responsibility! 


Be aware 
Always keep in mind your dog’s personality for example, Clover is aggressive I avoid other dogs, children or anyone that might want to get close to Clover, if I can’t change my pathway, I keep him very close to me on a short leash or I quickly pick him up. Basil is much better, much more playful, but as well as skittish (since she didn’t walk when she was young or had much outdoor experience), so I know she might not like the contact with other dogs or humans, I try to encourage her! If it seems like she can’t handle it, I know to pull her away.

I think a the best tip while walking that I can give is to notice your surroundings. If there is food or rubbish on the ground or if there is a free roaming dog make sure to walk your dog close to you or pick them up! 

Overall, I don’t have extreme etiquette when walking my dogs, and I know I don’t do everything correctly and there is much room for me to learn!

I urge you to learn more do’s and don’ts on! It is a very well written blog, and I learned so much from it! Also I encourage you to check out dog walkers – walking made easy! It is pretty much like uber for dogs! You just simply book a walk on the website, there is thousands of dog walkers across the United States! 

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