Kingdom Hearts Unchained X


Yesterday I downloaded this Kingdom Hearts Unchained X game! :) I didn’t know it came out yesterday – but all I have to say is that the graphics are to die for! Apps have recently sparked interest to me, they have really stepped up their quality and made me very impressed!! This game is above and beyond clear and the character design and sceneries are very cute!

The game mechanics are very smooth, even on my iPad 2 which is a much, much older system than my phone! I find myself really enjoying this game, the fighting isn’t extremely overwhelming or hard – although there still is a lot of things I need to learn and figure out, this game seems easy to understand!


In the beginning of  the story you get to choose a union! I am not sure how this will play into the story, they didn’t really mention any information on it or differences between the unions! I am excited to see what this mysterious union holds!

I chose Vulpeus Union, the fox emblem on the bottom left! I didn’t have much reason to pick it, it just seemed the cutest! :)

 So far I seen two worlds, Daybreak Town and Dwarf Woodlands – Dwarf Woodlands is Snow White’s world! In every level you have three missions to complete! I can’t wait to see all the other Disney characters and explore the maps!


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Website |
iTunes: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
Android: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X



One thought on “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

  1. YvoCaro says:

    I’ll follow your lead, Emi. Just downloaded the game and choose the unicorn badge. Like you said, for no reason then that it looked good to me!

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