Nintendo’s first app Miitomo released a few days ago, or so. I downloaded it and it is so cute! It is very much like Tomodachi Life, where you design your Mii character and pick a personality! In this app you also get a room designed to your personality and you also get to dress and shop for your Mii! New to this app is a minigame called Miitomo Drop, where you drop your Mii to collect clothing, more or less similar to a pindrop machine (a vintage arcade game)!

I somewhat feel like this game is a little steep, money wise. They ask various questions and you get about 15 coins per question! It is very hard to accumulate money in this game… and answering questions is a stable part to the game you would at least think the clothing would be cheaper – rather in the thousands maybe more in the hundreds… The easiest way to make money fast without cheating is to have a lot of friends, and I am in no hurry to ask my friends to download this game – let alone like my questions, because more or less we probably know each other very well.


The best aspect of this game is Miifoto, where you can take pictures of your Mii, they have various backgrounds – but the best thing is that you can take your own pictures and input your Mii in to the photo!

This is an amazing idea and it comes out very adorable! You can drag and resize and change positions of your Mii character! You can even add text and stamps into the picture!

Overall the game looks cute and the graphics are very clear and clean! I can’t wait to see apps on mobile grow! I enjoy that this game is free, and simple enough! I hope to see more free mobile apps for Nintendo!


Website | Miitomo.com
iTunes: Miitomo
Android: Miitomo



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