Mini Mario and Friends

2016-03-29 09.24.34 1.jpgWe got Digby and Timmy and Tommy for early access to Mini Mario and Friends! Most GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon are participating, between March 25th through April 27 – otherwise the game should be coming out on April 28th!

My sister purchased the figures and said that she called before going to GameStop and they actually didn’t even know that there was this type of event/sale going on! And when she got there she had to ask again, and again they didn’t really know of the event/sale. So make sure you ask them before purchasing your amiibo figures! But luckily we got two download codes for each figure, one for 3DS and one for Wii U! which was pretty cool~

When she got home we quickly entered the code and downloaded this game, we have been wanting to play it since the direct came out!


We nonchalantly put K.K. Slider on the amiibo reader to not only find out that you can only use a few compatible figures… This wouldn’t be a problem but it really seemed like any figure can be used to play – which yes, you can use any figure but you will play as “Mini Speck.” When I researched what characters that I could use with the game, and at the time the only site that popped up is the compatibility list, not the official “Mini Mario and Friends” website. And the compatibility list says you can use any amiibo figure and you will get “additional content”!

 There is ten mini characters that is playable with amiibo figures available. Each playable character has their own four levels in their chapter. The graphics are very amazing, very clean and very clear! I always prefer 2D graphics over 3D! I like the almost pixel effect during game play and the nice clean map.

Overall the game is cute and fun! I would like to see more free games on the 3DS eshop! I do like the idea of amiibo’s and free games would be a great bargain for us to buy these cute and addicting amiibos!




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