Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFound a cutie (or not so cute) raptor lizard near our sitting area! :) He was so cute, hiding in an empty planter pot (that had other pots inside of it, stacked – creating a tunnel or shade)! I liked that he was smart enough to create a little cave or a house like area! :)

I decided to put a little tray of water for him! It was so cute he quickly drank the water~!

I hope he doesn’t leave this area, hopefully he feels safe enough to come back, even if we sit in the area!


I finally planted a succulent in my cat planter that I made! It is so cute, looks like he’s growing some cute hairs~ :) If I get to go again, I might make another pot similar to this one!

A few weeks ago I had to cut the head off one of my succulent because it was too heavy! I was so shocked to see it grow so much and so fast, soon I will have to cut it again! :) He must have been so happy to get a haircut, he will be ready to get another one soon!



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