Preordered Fire Emblem Fates!

We started at Pink Box! :) I cannot believe I found this cool smile emoji! :) I wanted one ever since I saw Truedy’s (from Unpretty Rapstar) on instagram! 8)

After that I quickly went to Gamestop return a few games, I amazingly and surprisingly got back $113! I traded in two 3ds games; Nintendogs + Cats French Bulldogs (for $11), Fantasy Life (for $22), two Wii U games; Pikmin 3 (for $31.30), New Super Mario U/Luigi U (for $33) and one PS Vita game, Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited (for $16)!

I was mostly surprised at the New Super Mario U/Luigi U game, I originally got that game for free with the purchase of the Wii U! I am glad that I traded it in!!

I also got to preorder Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and Birthright, I cannot wait to play it I am so glad I finally preordered it! Now I have to stop the urge on looking up the game!

After that we had time to go shopping at Forever 21! I was surprised that I would even find something to buy! I love my new purchases and I cannot wait to wear them in March!



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