3 Leaf Clover | Clover gets into a Fight

Clover got into a Fight.png

There has been so many loose dogs! It’s been so annoying at least once a day we see a dog free on the streets. I don’t know if it’s because the people we live next to is lazy and don’t care to walk their dogs and pick up after them or if they just don’t know that their dog ran away… Otherwise, I have been looking like a maniac getting followed by dogs while holding Clover and sometimes both of them at the same time! Honestly though, just because a dog is good, doesn’t mean other dogs are. Like Clover, he is good, but he can be violent.

Anyway, back to the story! Clover got attacked by a dog loose dog and bit his butt! I was so worried and couldn’t really get a chance to pick Clover up… but after thinking about it Clover must have been happy because his butt has been super itchy lately!

This comic is on Tapastic, for easier reading! Click the link for more information!
3 Leaf Clover | Tapastic



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