Target today! We got some new things and some old things! I can’t believe that Target put a 70% off sign on the Christmas things in the dollar spot! It was a lucky deal!

During the dogs walk, we found a butterfly! I decided to pick him up and help him get better! It was very windy and rainy, so even if he doesn’t live – at least he will have a warm passing, and some sugar water too!


Today I got to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with my friends from High School! :) It was a much needed get together, and even more since we hardly see each other, besides during Christmas!

One of my friends went to Okinawa and Japan, she brought me fabric, some really adorable handkerchiefs, and the cutest baby chick memo pad! A’s sister gave me dog treats and a Starbucks card! And A got my family some gifts and for my dogs as well! :)


My parents surprised me with BAYMAX, the medium one! He is too cute! And matches very well with my sisters medium size Iron Man!



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