Fukubukuro | Happy Bag

We have been going to the Fukubukuro (explanation “Fukubukuro”) event at Ala Moana, for a very long time now! :) My sister got her trusty Spiral Girl Fukubukuro – this year I thought Spiral Girl would no longer fit me! My mom tried Papyrus, and I waited in line at Sanrio! I ended up not getting the bag from Sanrio, because I peaked through it! It was very kiddy things, Hello Kitty backpacks, bento kits, nail stickers! It was mostly Hello Kitty items.

Instead I got the Hakubundo Fukubukuro!


It was pretty much a good deal! I did get a lot of things that I did want and some not so much! My most favorite items is, the deco rush tape, the handkerchief and the Midori travelers accessories!


We came home and ate some Mochi Soup! This is the best part of celebrating the new year! I always wait a whole year to eat mochi soup~

During dinner while eating our second bowl of mochi soup and sushi we watched Jackie and Ryan!


Jackie & Ryan
★★★☆☆ (3.5/5)

A modern day train hopper fighting to become a successful musician, and a single mom battling to maintain custody of her daughter, defy their circumstances by coming together in a relationship that may change each others lives forever. (IMDb)

What I thought:
I really liked the flow of this movie! I loved the chemistry of the characters it made the movie feel more real. I enjoyed this storyline and the whimsical music! The only thing that fell short was the ending, it didn’t end right, I wanted more… it fell short.



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