Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

We all woke up at 6am! Dad was cooking pancakes~! We started with mom and dad, then Gmon’s came out and opened her gifts and watched us open ours. After that we had an intermission and ate pancakes!

My sister was next, it was awesome… the whole time I tricked her into thinking I got her something else! :p

Dad got us gag gifts! It was too good. A nose line and neckline roller, because my sister and I was both complaining about our double chins! :o


Down the list (random order): kikki.K planner, cute refills, magnets, planner dashboard kit  and their Paper Lover’s Book, sticker flakes, panda notepad, mouse, Baymax, duffy charms in a wooden box, PS Vita, Disney crochet kit, and lastly nose line and neckline roller!


I cannot believe my family got me a PS Vita, I need game recommendations, I have no clue what game to get, or even how to use it… I must learn, fast!

Also, more so, I cannot believe my sister got me this kikki.K planner! Oh my gosh, this planner is my dreamy love planner. My new kid.

Clover and Basil got the load on beds, it was their most needed item! Clover couldn’t even contain himself!

My sister’s friend S got me these super adorable Little Twin Star bags! I love Little Twin Star’s and I don’t even know how he guessed that they are my favorite Sanrio character!

A also gave me some goodies, we both agreed on a gift card, but we both couldn’t resist putting in extra gifts! :p



8 thoughts on “Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

    • emi g says:

      I like RPG games, like to fantasy life or fire emblem! Also I super love Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing types of games! :) I’m so excited to play but I don’t even know where to start! :p

      • YvoCaro says:

        Then check out one of the Atelier games, like Atelier Rorona or Atelier Ayesha. Others are good too though. I’ve written about them on my website if you’d like more info!

      • emi g says:

        I read your blogs about the Atelier games, actually you are the reason I wanted a PS Vita, the Atelier games are so beautiful!

        I will check out Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley and Tearaway! :) Thank you for the game recommendations!

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