the water diviner

Advent calendar day 17: Iiwaken stickers, I initially thought these where cellphone stickers! But I soon figured out that these are regular stickers, and Iiwaken looks kind of like clover and there is also a cute brown poodle that looks just like basil! I’m gonna use this on their birthdays in my planner! :p

I am so happy that Ms. K liked the Olaf jackets! She gave me way to much in return! I cannot believe that I am an owner of Duffy Vinylmations!! I am in awe with these guys! I told my sister that I turned in to her, and I don’t open my toys and collectables anymore.


We watched the Water Diviner during dinner. Again, I cannot give this movie a review, I fell asleep near the ending… maybe it was too boring for me, but I do know I wasn’t paying attention in the beginning.



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