olaf jackets!

Advent calendar day 16: Double Baymax! My sister was so lucky, I am glad to get a double~ now I can use one at least! :p


After my dad’s doctors appointment, my sister and I watched Vampire Academy! She hustled me to finish sewing my Olaf jacket project! Oh, the procrastination. Vampire Academy was so much like Mean Girls. I did like it, it was so random!


We also watched the Changeling, I think I watched this before. I must have forgotten, because it was fresh for me. I did like this movie a lot too! I also like watching movies or tv while sewing, it helps me stay on track, make time go by, it overall makes it easier for me! Luckily I don’t get distracted, the sucky part is if it’s a new movie, I do have the urge to want to watch it.


Two Olaf jackets within about two days. I’d say that’s pretty good! I am so excited to give these to the person who wanted me to make it!



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