Gyukaku <3


Advent calendar day 12: I got Crush, from the Disney Figural Keyring blind bag! He is cute too and no doubles, my sister got lucky picking these guys!


Today I got to hang out with R, C and baby G! :) We had our Christmas celebration/R’s birthday lunch at Gyu-kaku! Gyu-kaku is a Japanese BBQ place! I got sukiyaki bibimbap with mini gyoza, mini cheese wontons and cold tofu!

Baby G got to sit with me for awhile! She was so adorable! She played with a ice cube~ Mmm, I wish we had a baby in the family!
(blurred the faces for privacy reasons)


Basil was so cute resting on my blanket, I usually try to keep her off it because once when she was a baby she peed on my bed! I am still mad at her for that! Haha. But she’s much better now, I let her go and rest since Clover wasn’t being a spoiled brat!



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