oggie boggie

Advent calendar day 6: Oogie Boogie! My sister tried to get me Baymax, we had a little giggle~

Most of the day we cleaned, and also took the dogs for a walk! My mom also did the christmas card and started to make gingerbread cookies!


My dad didn’t really want to cook so we had Korean food at Ohana Inn! It is our favorite place to get mandoo (a dumpling very similar to Japanese Gyoza or Chinese crispy gau gee | a pork and veggie mixture wrapped into a wonton wrapper)!

My sister went out for a Christmas party with her friends! One of her friends was so sweet to get me a present and a favor! :) I can’t wait to open it, I am so curious in what he got me!

My sister was so bummed that I got Oogie Boogie in the advent calendar, she got me a Rilakkuma to make up for it! I was surprised that these envelopes were so cheap!

Clover is ready to sleep! :)


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