Royal Designer Walk

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.45.43 PM

Today I showcased some of my designs at the Royal Designer Walk! It was seriously an amazing event! My classmate (when I just started fashion, he was a senior) produced and worked on this show, it was so perfect, everything about it!

IMG_20151110_181737 IMG_20151110_183316

I loved these blocks it made look like an art show. My designs are the one from school during line class (the beige and navy garments), I loved how they mixed and matched my jackets with different dresses, it was nice to see them look different!

20151110_183624 20151110_183631

I also loved the balloons! The balloons were so big and aesthetically pleasing!


Photo by S

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.43.59 PM

Photo by R


Photo by Royal Hawaiian Center | Instagram: royalhwnctr


Photo by C | using R’s camera

The best thing was that I got to do this show with my classmates, it made it less nerve racking! I hope to do many more shows like this one, it was definitely inspiring!



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