lucky unicorno


We watched Pixels today! I think I liked this movie better the second time around, maybe I had too much on my mind when I first watched it… oddly I feel like I missed alot. Read my review here!


We also got some goodies for the dogs! Some much needed collars and doggy bags! I’m sure they will be happy with these newbies! :)

IMG_20151031_195504 IMG_20151031_195611 IMG_20151031_195932

I got a Unicorno! I was so excited, I was asking my sister which unicorn she liked! She said Cremino or Hikari! I said I really wanted Yuki! After we bought it I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to open it, I surprisingly got the one I wanted, Yuki! :) She is too adorable with her little snowflakes! :)



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