Mini Mintgreen Planner


My sister and I decided to get these cute small Mintgreen planners! My sister got the blue print and I got the pink print! :) And of course we got the last two designs!

IMG_20151026_073724 IMG_20151026_073751

They are about half the size of the original planner. There also is no tabs or indents for the months! Overall I am happy to have this little planner, I decided it will be a more personal planner – with dates, events and important information! Next year I will show off some of the mini layouts, once an awhile – not weekly.

I seriously can’t wait to use these babies, ah, the feels of a new planner!


– planner –
I love this cute girl character, I need to use more of these stickers! With the cute animal stationery sets I made todo lists, and tabbed its hands behind the planner page! :) I like this idea, give it a cute touch and if I don’t finish my todo list I just tab it to the next week! :)



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